A convicted child rapist who abused his own children was found dead in his cell

Is this a “prison trial?” When you hear that a convicted child rapist was found dead in his cell just before his sentencing, that’s the first thing that comes to mind, right? And that’s exactly what happened to one such monster, who was convicted of child rape and accused of some truly horrible things he (and his wife) did to their own children. They are/are truly sick and twisted people. And now, there is one less monster in this world.

Breitbart reports that a man convicted of horrific crimes against his own children and raping another child was found dead in his cell in the UK on Thursday while awaiting sentencing.

Andrew Hadwin, 39, died two weeks after being found guilty of “three counts of rape, seven counts of neglect and one count of perverting the course of justice,” Chronicle Live reported. He was held at HM Prison Durham ahead of his sentencing on April 28, which Located off the east coast of England.

As reported by Leading Britain’s Conversation (LBC), the rape stemmed from Hadwin’s past offenses against a different girl, who Detective Constable Kat Pudney said was “now a young woman”.

Hadwin and his wife, Cheryl Pickles, 35, were convicted in January. “Pickles was convicted of five counts of child cruelty and one count of perverting the course of justice,” the outlet noted. Both were charged but ultimately found not guilty of sexual activity with a child.

Durham Constabulary began investigating the couple in 2018 “when a child confides in a trusted adult”, MEAWW noted.

Gazette Live described the myriad ways in which the couple was accused of abusing their children:

During the investigation, which spanned four years and involved more than 150 witnesses, detectives found that Hadwin and Pickles repeatedly abused the children by forcing them to eat soap, lock them in closets, take boiling hot showers and baths — sometimes by submerging their heads. By withdrawing their access to water – and food. The children often had to scavenge for scraps and on one occasion were seen walking alone four miles to a supermarket at 4am to try to find food.

During the trial, the court heard from medical experts who described how children regularly suffer painful injuries, with one child being left with life-limiting injuries as a result of abuse.

They also heard how the pair wrote letters, which were handed to police, claiming they apologized and were sorry for lying to children they had lied to, and made false allegations of sexual abuse by professionals working to support them. However, a handwriting expert confirmed the writing was not a child’s and the letters were actually written in a notebook found at the couple’s Bowburn home.

No details have been released so far on how he died. Did he commit suicide, or did “justice” come the other way? Much like Epstein, another child abuser, we may never know for sure.

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