After jihad terror attacks, rabbis call for guns to be carried in synagogues

“Those who have a license to carry a firearm must carry that firearm with them.”

Deadly Islamic terror attacks in Jerusalem target a place of worship once again. After a wave of attacks a few years ago, the mayor urged residents to carry guns.

This time a rabbi connected to the police force.

The chief rabbi of the Israel Police wrote an open letter to rabbis across Israel on Tuesday urging them to advise their congregants to carry legal and licensed firearms on Shabbat.

“In consultation with prominent rabbis and on the recommendation of the relevant police authorities, I appeal to the rabbis of Israel to instruct their communities that those who have a license to carry firearms carry them with them on Shabbat, especially during prayer. Synagogue,” he said.

“Through us may the verse be fulfilled: ‘The Lord will give strength to his people; May the Lord bless his people with peace,” he concluded.

That is the conclusion of Psalm 29.

The debate continues in the United States. Orthodox synagogues now often have members who come armed. This is often not the case in more liberal congregations. After several alt-right terrorist attacks on synagogues in the United States, this is unfortunate. Some people say they are uncomfortable in synagogues with armed congregants, I feel uncomfortable in synagogues without them.

Israel’s new conservative government is pushing to arm as many civilians as possible.

Israel’s National Security Minister Itamar Ben-Gavir on Tuesday pledged to increase weapons permits fivefold in the wake of last month’s Palestinian terror attack on a Jerusalem synagogue that killed seven people.

Ben-Gavir ordered the firearms licensing department to increase the number of new permits from 2,000 to 10,000 per month, according to a statement from his Otzma Jewish party.

I know it’s a slow day here in some cities, but Israel is a small country.

The United Nations has vehemently objected to the move and the media is trying to express some outrage at the idea of ​​armed self-defense, but the only people who object to gun permits are those who want to shoot unarmed civilians.