Before recusing himself, DeSantis claimed he was another “Paul Ryan” and

There’s a group of NeverTrumpers and “Chamber of Commerce” conservatives pushing the “DeSantis 2024” stuff, really hardcore on Twitter right now. These are people who probably hated Trump in 2016, but reluctantly voted for him in 2020 — maybe. It’s the “Ben Shapiro/Rick Wilson” crowd, and also, idiots like that alleged fraudster Bill Mitchell who are basically pushing this divisive nonsense. But they’ve convinced a lot of people that it’s a good idea to oust Trump and suppress the MAGA movement by voting for DeSantis in the primaries.

This has to be the worst idea I’ve ever heard, but many on our side are either blind to what the agency is doing, or they don’t care, because they hate Trump.

But it all depends on whether DeSantis runs. But it seems he is planning to do something big.

He actually hired “Babylon Bees” and paid them more than 20 thousand to write “jokes” for him, so that he could seem “funny”.

The real thing…

And DeSantis, who is young, and has all the time in the world to run for WH, nevertheless, refuses to dismiss these divisive, self-serving rumors or to deny swamped scumbags like Paul Ryan, who lists DeSantis as the #1 favorite candidate.

Oh, and speaking of globalist Paul, now we probably know why he likes DeSantis so much… these two are friends that go way back.

Big League Politics reports that before Florida Governor Ron DeSantis got himself on the Trump train, he was an average establishment Republican in the US Congress. DeSantis’ statements early in his political career show his true ideological underpinnings.

In a video, DeSantis responded that former President George W. Bush was “the most inspirational person” he had ever met. DeSantis said he met Bush while attending Yale. Both went to prestigious Ivy League schools, and DeSantis rubbed elbows when Bush returned in 2001.

In another video while DeSantis was on the campaign trail for the US Congress in 2012, he compared himself to Congressman Paul Ryan as an example of what he would be a “diverse” nationally recognized “leader”.

Yes, people change, it’s perfectly normal and acceptable – as long as they’re sincere.

But what is not true or acceptable is when establishment politicians do it so they can ride a new wave. They’re always reinventing themselves, like Lindsey Graham, but they keep all their old establishment friends, and that’s what makes DeSantis so dangerous as a presidential candidate.

He has always been an institution “Paul Ryan” guy. He even endorsed Rubio in 2016. But as soon as he saw that Trump was going to win, he quickly shifted gears and rebranded himself.

DeSantis is doing a good job as governor of FL.

Stay in Florida, Ron, and figure out a way to screw up your fake friends and then run to the White House.

Also, it’s time for me to actually change and stop playing the “reinvent” and “flip-flop” game over and over again.

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