Cabinet meeting ‘delayed by an hour’ as mini-reshuffles begin

Rishi Sunak is expected to conduct a small cabinet reshuffle this morning. It comes after Nadeem Zahavi was sacked as party chair, with the prime minister seen as using the opportunity to more extensively rework his top team.

No 10 is sure a reshuffle is happening, but reporting last night the sun And The Timeswho heard from Whitehall insiders, suggested that one was imminent.

The fact that the weekly cabinet meeting was pushed back by an hour to 10.30 am was seen as further evidence of the impending reshuffle.

It comes as telegraphIt is reported that the mini reshuffle will begin at 9 am.

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Describes a plan for a “100-day turnaround,” the sun Whitehall insiders have been quoted as claiming that the Prime Minister could also create a new energy department, combining business and commerce.

In media rounds this morning, International Development Minister Andrew Mitchell refused to be drawn on speculation about a reshuffle, saying such matters were above his “pay grade”.

Asked if he himself wanted the job of chairman of the Conservative Party, Mitchell said GB News: “Well, these are matters far above my pay grade and they are matters for the Prime Minister.

He added: “But I’m really happy to be doing something that I’ve done before and that I love very much, which is international development work and I’m going to do my best, especially today to see Britain put the wheel on its shoulders and this in Syria and Turkey. We can save as many lives as we can to the poor people caught in the calamity”.

Later said LBC Radio: “I certainly don’t expect to be called upon to do that [become party chair]. But you should always try to do what the PM asks of you.

The minister was also asked whether Rishi Sunak should use today’s expected reshuffle to remove Dominic Raab from the cabinet.

The Development Minister replied: “No. There is a process around these allegations about Dominique and that process should be followed. We live in a country that believes in a system of fairness and justice and that is what is set up and I don’t think it should be preempted in any way”.

Also touring the media studios this morning, Economic Secretary to the Treasury Andrew Griffiths would not comment on reports the government is poised for a mini reshuffle.

appeared on BBC Radio 4On its “Today” program, he was asked if there should be a specific category focused on energy.

He responded: “We will have to wait and see if the Prime Minister has anything to say about restructuring the government. What I’m talking about this morning is the very exciting prospect of a digital pound.”

Asked if it was a mistake to disband the Department of Energy and Climate Change in 2016, he said: “To me, it’s all about results, it’s not about process. Obviously if there’s a way to streamline the way this government delivers on people’s priorities, it’s important.”