DeSantis has appointed a far-left demagogue to oversee the DMV and elections

I think at this point, it’s pretty clear that DeSantis is working with NeverTrump and GOP establishment operatives against President Trump, who was nice enough to drag DeSantis to the finish line against both sexes in the 2018 FL Governor’s race. If Trump, a crack addict, hadn’t done that, DeSantis would have lost. So, how
“Good guy” Ron repays this kind of help? Team up with the filthy swamp rats to destroy Trump and Maga. And the worst part is, there are so many ignorant, stupid people around us, who don’t see it.

But Roger Stone does — he sees exactly what’s going on, and he calls it the “worst-kept secret” in DC.

But what people are paying attention to is what DeSantis is doing right now in Florida. He is not the “perfect politician” the founders would have you think of him.

He refuses to get rid of the Soros-funded “ERIC” voter software, and Roger Stone points out that DeSantis also hired a radical leftist for the DMV — a position that gives him a lot of power over elections.

Here’s what Ron had to say on his substack:

I have written extensively about this fact and said that I would view a DeSantis campaign to challenge Trump as a singular act of no confidence that is downright treasonous. DeSantis was originally an unknown backbench neocon congressman who actually refused to endorse Donald Trump after Trump won the Republican nomination in 2016 until Trump raised him from obscurity in the governor’s mansion.

And while Roger admits that Ron played “the game” well, he wasn’t perfect:

The governor made a mistake when he appointed Palm Beach Commissioner David Kerner to head the Florida State Department of Motor Vehicles and gave Kerner a back door to Florida’s voter rolls to oversee both the Highway Patrol and the Division of Motor Vehicles records. Kerner, a liberal Democrat, surprised everyone by endorsing the Republican governor when it appeared DeSantis was headed for the landslide that would eventually manifest itself.

Kerner, however, is a future headache for Governor DeSantis. Both DeSantis and Kerner have aggressively promoted Palm Beach County’s senior citizen community, jointly boasting a 40% vaccination rate among seniors. Kerner, a cold and brutal vaccination advocate and enforcer, described a Palm Beach County COVID-19 Vaccination Compliance Task Force as a jackbooted, uniformed Gestapo-like strike-force terrorizing businesses and harassing private citizens while punishing any business owner with heavy fines. by charging Masks were required or individual citizens who refused to wear them. Kerner has even established a “snitch line” where people can report their neighbors, including anyone they want to target — including restaurants and other businesses. The task force also took photographs of citizens and used them to pressure businesses to fire certain employees. They imposed heavy fines on businesses and citizens.

Kerner’s appointment will make it harder for the DeSantis pivot to rebrand itself as an anti-vaccine candidate.

This is a huge problem for DeSantis. He is a very “go with the flow” type of guy. She’s like a Lindsay Graham, she sees which way the wind is blowing and then goes that way.

But it’s a big problem, because when you’re not “sincere”, little holes and bad decisions show up everywhere over time…

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