Does this explain the obsession of liberals? Studies show abnormal people are more

The left loves all things covid. They believe that Covid is like Godzilla. It’s scary, but it’s the “good monster” that drives the bad Orange Man out. So, anything to do with covid is like a religion to this nutbag. Especially the mask. They can’t stop wearing them. I’m sure liberals wear masks when they’re alone in the shower. And the kicker is, they don’t even work.

A major new study shows that masks are basically pointless… of course they are. We already knew that. Frankly, this whole “pandemic” was a lot of “theater”. The Washington Examiner reports that the authors of this new major study examined 78 different studies on the effectiveness of various mitigation efforts, such as masking, distancing, screening, quarantining and hand washing. How did these interventions affect the spread of flu, covid or similar viruses?

Most important was what they had in common: they were randomized controlled trials or at least cluster-RCTs. These are the gold standard for studies because they have the greatest chance of avoiding confounding factors. Non-randomized, non-controlled trials — such as observational studies — can be compromised if, say, people are more likely to wear masks at times or in places where transmission rates are already high, or even more than those who were wearing masks. Fast hand washing machine.

So, what did the study find?

For starters, hand washing was effective in stopping the spread of these illnesses. No wonder.

But here’s the most eye-opening fact: “Wearing masks in the community probably makes little or no difference in outcomes of influenza-like illness/COVID-19-like illness compared to not wearing a mask.” In other words, the masks didn’t do much—if anything.

The included studies were diverse. They cover epidemics as well as periods of low infection. They cover rich countries and poor countries, suburban schools and inner-city neighborhoods, hospitals and villages.

Yes, that’s pretty much what we’ve been saying all along, and yet we’ve been called “sCiEnCe deniers” for it.

Never forget or forgive…

But don’t worry, liberals will keep their masks on, but they have a new, much more logical reason, thanks to a new study.

Because they are ugly.

The Daily Mail reports that attractive people are less likely to wear face masks in the post-Covid era, a study has found.

The researchers administered three questionnaires asking people about self-perceived attractiveness and intentions to wear masks in different situations.

They concluded that young and middle-aged Americans who see themselves as attractive ‘believe that wearing a mask inhibits the opportunity to make a favorable impression on others’.

On the other hand, people who don’t consider themselves attractive buy into the ‘mask attractiveness belief’ – that covering their faces actually improves their appearance.

It found in a large analysis that face masks made ‘little to no difference’ to Covid infection or death rates.

Initially used for anti-viral protection, the mask has become a symbol of a fierce culture war in the United States.

There has never been much evidence that masks are effective in preventing large-scale infections, but that hasn’t stopped officials from mandating them across the country.

Schools in Democratic states made face coverings an entry requirement for students as recently as this month, and the Centers for Disease Prevention and Control (CDC) still recommends Americans wear them in places with high transmission levels, such as public transportation.

So, the next time you see a liberal wearing a mask, you’ll understand why…and you can thank them, for doing the community a great service and covering their face.

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