EU Commission Appoints New ‘Coordinator to Counter Islamophobia’

“The Commission has repeatedly pledged to propose EU legislation to criminalize what it deems to be Islamophobic speech.”

Will the Commission carefully distinguish between rhetoric calling for violence against innocent Muslims and an honest and accurate analysis of the ideology of jihad and the content of Sharia? Of course it won’t.

“EU Commission, suspected of Islamist links, appoints Islamophobia czar” by Thomas O’Reilly, The European Conservative, February 6, 2023

The EU Commission has appointed former diplomat Marion Lallis as its new Coordinator for Countering Islamophobia. Soros-funded NGOs and the European Muslim Council welcomed Lalis’ appointment, which comes after an 18-month vacancy.

The appointment, however, is not without objections. This position has been the subject of ongoing criticism, voiced by MEPs last month, about the Commission’s relationship with Islamist-friendly activist groups, who campaign on Islamophobia.

The role includes coordinating with civil society groups and collecting data on hate crimes to develop a legislative response against Islamophobia at EU level.

Lalis is a French-born EU official with previous diplomatic experience as the EU’s deputy ambassador to Yemen who has also been part of delegations to Ghana, Mauritania and Morocco. He was involved in the distribution of aid to Turkish Cypriots before his recent appointment to this position.

The office was created after the commission’s first annual consultation on fundamental rights in 2015 alongside similar anti-Semitic roles. The post has been vacant since July 2021, following the departure of Tommaso Ciamparino.

According to the commission’s media statement, the coordinator has been given an annual budget of €180,000 to spend on campaign initiatives and contacts with Islamic groups.…

The appointment was welcomed by the Soros-funded NGO ENAR, which called on Lalis to lead “a holistic, comprehensive, target-oriented and intersectional approach to combating Islamophobia”. The group called on the newly appointed coordinator to better implement existing anti-discrimination laws on Islamophobia. ENAR sparked controversy when it was revealed that its director, Michael Prevot, was a former member of the Muslim Brotherhood…

The Commission has repeatedly pledged to propose EU legislation to criminalize what it deems to be Islamophobic speech.