Gabby Petito’s parents released heartbreaking selfies of her battered/bruised face

You remember the murder of “Van Life” YouTuber Gabby Petito – her possessive boyfriend Brian Laundry killed her and then, himself. Before leading up to the killing spree, the two got into a physical fight in Utah, which was witnessed by other drivers, who called 911. They said they saw the guy (Brian) hit the girl (Gabby). But when the police pull them over, they don’t recognize the “signs” and ignore Gabby’s injuries and actually treat Brian like a victim and put him in a hotel.

It was a strange reaction, to say the least.

Well, now, Gabby Petito’s parents have released a selfie she took of her swollen, bruised and scarred face, right before those Utah cops pulled the couple over… and it’s pretty shocking and super sad, and really tells a story. The monster was Brian Laundry.

Here are the photos:

The photo was shared by lawyers for Gabby's family, who are suing police in Moab, Utah.  The case alleges that the police failed to deal with the incident properly

The Daily Mail reports that the selfie’s timestamp shows it was taken on August 12, 2021 at 4.37pm.

A few minutes later, a witness called 911 and said they had just seen Landry attack Gaby in a parking lot in Moab.

Gabby has watery eyes and bloody red spots around her eyes.

Attorneys for his family claim the officers who responded to the incident ignored his injuries.

They say the police’s failure to take appropriate action to protect Gaby contributed to her murder later that month.

Gaby’s family has filed a $50 million wrongful-death lawsuit against the Moab Police Department, alleging that officers failed to properly handle a 911 call after a witness claimed she saw Laundry hit Gaby and try to steal her phone weeks before her death.

The lawsuit names the department, two officers who responded to the call and two former leaders.

Commenting after the images were released, Brian Stewart of law firm Parker & McConkey said: ‘Moab police failed to listen to Gabby, failed to investigate her injuries and the seriousness of her assault and failed to follow their own training. , policy, and Utah law.’

Police bodycam footage of the incident shows Gabby wearing the same outfit as the selfie.

It’s so sad that the poor girl deserved better than what she got. Ladies, don’t stick with an abusive guy.

It will never “get better”.

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