Hearings on border security appear to be a “white nationalist conspiracy,”

After Democrats tweeted that worrying about border security was a “white nationalist ploy,” Rep. Byron Donalds, a black Republican, blasted them, challenging them to say it to their faces. The tweet, via the official Democratic account of the House Oversight and Accountability Committee, was published shortly before a hearing with two senior Border Patrol officials on the violence along the southern border.

According to Democrats, Republicans who organized the hearings are “using today’s hearing to advance white supremacist conspiracy theories instead of a comprehensive approach to protecting our borders and strengthening our immigration system.”

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Mr. Donalds questioned them about the claim. I will not do it. So if you have a strong opinion, come to this side of the room and let’s discuss it face to face. But save such stupidity for someone else. It should not be brought up today. The Florida Republican added it was a serious matter. Although no Democrats responded to his offer, the tweet continued.

The top Democrat on the committee is Rep. Jamie Raskin of Maryland, and his staff is in charge of the account.

Republicans issued a challenge to Democrats to publicly condemn the tweet.

However, as the meeting went on, Democrats claimed they had evidence of white nationalism when Republican Paul Gosser, Republican of Arizona, said Mr Biden’s solution to border instability was “more big brother, more regulation, even changing our culture.”

Representative Maxwell Frost, a Democrat from Florida, said, “I understand what he’s trying to convey. However, in my opinion, immigrants are Americans and, as such, contribute to American culture.

Republican Greg Cassar, a Texas Democrat, also took issue with Republicans, calling the border situation an “assault.”

Mr Gosar replied that he still stood by his comments. After the hearing, he released a statement in which he claimed that “illegal immigration is changing our culture of law enforcement.” “Our immigration system is legal. Millions of people have immigrated here legally. However, 6 million illegal aliens have broken our laws in the past two years and are driving our culture away from the rule of law.

He cited news this week of a hospital in his Arizona district in dire financial straits because of unpaid treatment for illegal immigrants. According to him, the hospital rejects patients including pregnant women.

“I stand by what I said. He claimed that illegal immigrants negatively affect our culture. “My committee colleague talked about how ingrained legal immigration is in our culture. I agree with that. However, I disagree with them on illegal immigration.

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