Hunter’s lawyers refused to request the documents from the Republican House panel

An attorney for President Joe Biden’s son refused to provide documents the House Oversight Committee demanded from Hunter Biden a day earlier.

Hunter Biden, his uncle James Biden and his friend Eric Schwerin on Wednesday panel chairman, Rep. received the letter from James Comer, R-Kentucky, threatening subpoenas if they did not provide proof of their work abroad.

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It’s part of a multifaceted investigation into the administration by House Republicans, which recently included an oversight hearing into the Hunter Biden laptop story and the subpoenaing of several Biden staffers by Judiciary Committee Chair Jim Jordan.

According to Comer’s statement Thursday, the three are “critical witnesses in our investigation into Joe Biden’s involvement in his family’s international and domestic business ventures.” The Biden family’s business model is based on Joe Biden’s political career and contacts, according to evidence collected throughout our research.

He went on to say that the Biden family has done business with the Chinese Communist Party “for their own gain at the expense of American interests,” adding, “The American people demand openness and responsibility.”

Abe David Lowell, an attorney for Hunter Biden, responded to Comer’s allegations on Thursday, claiming that the requested contact data would serve “no legal purpose.”

The committee becomes a “wonderland” and when you push your own baseless and erroneous findings under the guise of a valid study, you become the queen of hearts shouting, “Sentence first, judgment later”.

The committee’s claim that the inquiry would help “draft legislation to increase ethics regulations around public officials and their families” is “a thinly disguised, at best, attempt to craft a legislative intent,” he added.

In a statement to The Hill, an Oversight Committee representative dismissed Lowell’s letter and said Hunter Biden’s legal team is “seeking to stonewall congressional oversight” and protect Joe Biden’s reputation.

The spokesman claimed that “political cover is not what the American people want; They want transparency and oversight.” The Oversight Committee will continue to monitor and use all resources at its disposal to assist in obtaining the information necessary for our investigation and directing legislative responses.

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