Meghan Markle is planning to distance herself from husband Harry

Harry won’t last long as the “sad husband” of D-list actress Meghan Markle. And he’s really painted himself into a corner, because when he dumps her for some Hollywood producer who promises to make him a “star,” Harry won’t have a family to fall back on, because he’s thrown them all under the bus. Again and again. And it’s already starting to happen. Insiders say Meghan plans to distance herself from Harry, so she can begin to “rebrand” herself.

The Daily Star reports that Meghan Markle is showing signs that she is trying to establish her own brand, separate from her husband Harry, according to a royal commentator.

Kinsey Schofield said there are apparent signs Meghan may try to revive her old blog, The Tig, in an attempt to show the world she is “more than Harry plus one”.

Meghan ran her blog from 2014 to 2018, deactivating it after her relationship with her current husband Harry Windsor was revealed.

The blog’s archives show that Megan used it to talk about a variety of topics, including food, health, beauty and her personal thoughts.

Kinsey said the potential rebrand comes after years of putting Meghan behind the couple’s relationship.

“Harry and Meghan have repeatedly said through our multiple projects that Meghan has given up everything for Harry,” Kinsey said.

The commenter said he may choose to relaunch the blog on February 14, an important day for Sussex, but he may delay it until it is perfect.

“It’s their general MO to wrap up all their launches. It allows the Sussexes to change the goalposts without looking like a failure”, he said.

“If we don’t see a February release for The Tig, it’s only because the product isn’t perfect yet. But it’s an important way for Meghan to brand herself outside of being Harry’s wife and I believe it’s a priority for her,” he added.

Kinsey also said the blog probably won’t be a controversial one, adding: “He might get political, but we’ve come to expect that from him, so it’s less of an impact.”

Yes…here we go. Get ready Harry, you don’t have many friends anymore.

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