New video evidence has surfaced, suggesting that O’Keefe is being “set up”.

I can’t tell you how upset I am with what’s happening at Project Veritas. As I’ve said from the beginning, it seems the Establishment is trying to take down one of our most effective tools against the Deep State. And all this comes right after Pfizer is exposed. This whole “Project Veritas” drama has smelled like nothing since it started unfolding. Some people are reported to be at the center of this coup. A man, an establishment “DeSantis 2024” man is supposedly a key player at the core of everything. His name is Matt Tyrmand and he is a board member of Project Veritas. National File reporter Patrick Hawley says he’s bad news, and has had many run-ins with him throughout his career.

This guy really doesn’t like Trump.


Hawley believes Tyerman is one of the current board members leading the coup against James… and he’s probably right.

Another key player is a setup flunky named Barry Hinckley.

An anonymous investigative reporter who goes by the name “Amuse” shared this information on Twitter.

“Four months ago Project Veritas hired 56-year-old Barry Hinckley as Chief Strategy Officer. Hinckley wrote an email to PV employees claiming he “stood up to a bully” and lost his job as a result.

Barry Hinckley is the heir to the Hinckley Yachts family, an unsuccessful Senate candidate in Rhode Island, and the CEO of a failed company that calls itself the Airbnb of private house parties. Why did he attack @JamesOKeefeIII in just four months?

Barry Hinckley recruited 11 @Project_Veritas employees to sign a letter declaring @JamesOKeefeIII a “power-drunk tyrant” that he presumably sent to PV’s board of directors in an effort to oust him from the company.

The decision to place @JamesOKeefeIII on paid leave appears to be PV Executive Director Daniel Strack. Strack was unexpectedly ousted from Goldman Sachs as MD after just 3 years.

Barry sounds like a real loser, as well.

This whole thing sounds like a well-crafted setup — and now we’ve got the evidence to start proving it.

A donor, who supposedly had “serious issues” with James O’Keefe, has come forward and said claims about him and James have been “misrepresented”.

In other words the coup members lied.

You can watch the video below:

At this point, people are stunned and they don’t understand what is happening.

Hopefully soon, we’ll hear from James and get the real scoop.

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