Now we can rest easy, we have a gay White House communications director

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White House Press Secretary Karin Jean-Pierre said It’s Friday: “Also new, ah, I know Ben is making history.” He was referring to Ben LaBolt, the new White House communications director. “You know,” Jean-Pierre struggles, “we believe here, in the Biden-Harris White House, that representation is important, that he’s going to be the first openly, uh, gay, uh, um, uh, communications director, which is really, really important. .” this? With the military shooting a series of strange and inexplicable objects out of the sky, a non-existent southern border, skyrocketing inflation, and all the havoc that Biden’s handlers have caused, it’s good to know they have a solid grasp of what’s what. really important, and continues to pander to their gay base with determination.

To be sure, Ben LaBolt might actually be qualified to serve as communications director for the Biden dumpster fire. He, according to a The New York Times report Friday, “a senior press adviser to former President Barack Obama.” Jean-Pierre himself said of his resume Friday that LaBolt “has had a top role — a liaison role in the last three successful Supreme Court nominations by Democratic presidents.” What’s more, “We all worked closely with him when he was chief of communications for the confirmation of now-Justice Jackson’s jus.”

Jean-Pierre added, “I have known Ben for many years, including the Obama-Biden campaign and the Obama-Biden White House, where he worked on climate change and civil rights. I was delighted to reconnect with him as he took over communications for the nominations during the transition, helping to advance the case for the most diverse cabinet in history as well as groundbreaking sub-cabinet positions.” All this Jean-Pierre added after pointing out that he Clearly considered the pièce de résistance, the best and most important detail: the bit about LaBolt being the first openly gay White House communications director, which he insists is “really, very important.”

It’s a shame that the White House press corps has so few actual reporters, because it would have been nice to have a reporter present to explain why being gay is “very, very important” to Jean-Pierre. Communications Director. The Biden White House is certainly more concerned with sexual issues than any administration before it, but still, as communications director, Ben LaBolt also has to deal with many issues that have nothing to do with sex and sexuality. Obviously he’s been toiling on the Democrat vineyard for a long time, but now Jean-Pierre is raising the same question that’s been asked of him, and other Biden hires: Did they get the job because of their merits, or did they allow Biden’s handlers to check a few diversity boxes?

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