Our top ten picks of the week

Truss, tax cuts and the Tories. “The burning fool’s bandaged finger returns to fire.”

Paul Goodman

“The former prime minister is less important than resisting the temptation to repeat his mistakes.”

Showdown in Strasbourg – How Sunak’s big move could play out in small boats

Henry Hill

“The European Court of Human Rights seems unlikely to block the Rwanda policy outright, but it could try to foul it up until the next election.”

Sunak’s departmental changes have been long overdue — and a sign that he’s more interested in distribution than media circus.

William Atkinson

“The dismayed reaction of some in the political entertainment industry to Sunak’s low-key reshuffle shows that many have yet to get used to a prime minister more interested in governing quietly than providing plotlines for SW1 soap operas.”

Join us for the Conservative Home Defense and Security Conference.

Angus Prasad-White

“The Conservative Home Defense and Security Conference will take place on Monday 6 March and will discuss a range of topics from procurement to cyber security. Collect your tickets today.”

The true role of the Bank of England in economic policy deserves greater scrutiny

Sir John Redwood MP

“It exercises its independence selectively, and without any oversight from ministers the damage could create a huge bill for taxpayers.”

There is a vacuum where Tory economic thinking should be, and Truss’ bad ideas are filling it

Peter Franklin

“His is a trivial proposal that Team Sage could easily defeat, if they had something substantial to offer instead.”

Labour’s Race Equality Act will bring patron-client politics to Britain

Poppy Coburn

“It is the product of acrimony between opposition parties and third-sector workers over the latter’s usurpation of power over public services.”

How the European Foundation fought and is still fighting the long battle for British sovereignty

Sir William Cash MP

“Both the referendum and our eventual exit from the EU were only delivered through decades of legislative trench warfare in the House of Commons.”

How the Conservatives could win the London mayoralty in 2024

Michael Liebrecht

“The Conservative platform must promise core Conservative voters a return to competent government and promise progressive voters strategic, future-oriented, policy innovation.”

What a protocol deal that satisfies the DUP and the ERG – without insisting on perfection – might look like

Henry Hill

“It would be wise to scrap a deal on data that would allow local and mainland-facing Ulster businesses hands-off from targeted enforcement and EU regulation.”

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