President Trump revealed a very “telling moment” between him and DeSantis

People forget that in 2018, Ron DeSantis lost a race for governor of Florida that he should have easily won. And he lost to a man with a lazy and dubious reputation. But did you know, he almost didn’t start with the race? DeSantis was such a bad candidate that he was going to lose the Florida primary race, and was so desperate for President Trump’s help that he “cried” in front of him.

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During a recent interview, former President Trump alleged that Florida Governor DeSantis tearfully begged for his endorsement during the state’s 2018 primary election for governor.

Trump has also criticized other potential presidential candidates for 2024, including former UN Ambassador Nikki Haley, former Secretary of State Mike Pompeo and Virginia Governor Glenn Yonkin. The latest attack was made during an interview with radio host Hugh Hewitt on Thursday.

“Ron DeSantis was elected because of me. You remember he had nothing,” Trump said. “He was dead. He was leaving the race. He came and he begged me, begged for an endorsement. He was getting ready to drop out. I gave him an endorsement, and as soon as I gave that endorsement, I said that You’re going to have a hard time.”

“He said if you support me, I will win. And tears were flowing from his eyes,” he claimed. “He said if you support me, I will win. I said, ‘You know, Ron was one of 150 people on television.’ I mean, Jim Jordan was the best, and the others were great. But he was one of 150 people, Hugh, that was on television, and he supported me a little bit on impeachment hoax number one, and impeachment hoax number two. And I said I don’t know Adam Putnam, so we’ll do it.”

Trump called Governor DeSantis a “non-believer” to consider running for president in 2024.

Investigative reporter Laura Loomer had this to say:

Later, President Trump has to drag DeSantis across the finish line in a ridiculously tight race with a bisexual crack addict.

And how does DeSantis pay him back?

Secretly participates in an Establishment/NeverTrump plot to take out President Trump and destroy MAGA.

Gee, what a nice, loyal and loyal guy Ron, isn’t he?

Give me a break.

But don’t be shocked. DeSantis has always been an “establishment” guy. Paul Ryan and the Bush family have always been his heroes and friends and nothing will change that.

People like Ron don’t change suddenly and wholeheartedly.

They adapt to the situation and “reinvent” themselves to suit current political trends.

There is nothing honest or sincere about it.

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