Project Veritas employees stage coup, board members oust founder James

What’s up with Project Veritas? There’s a person on Twitter who posted a long thread, claiming that Project Veritas employees pushed founder James O’Keefe out. As you know, O’Keefe and his team are known for their hidden camera work, and all of this drama came with a huge bombshell report on Pfizer, which received millions of views. Now, according to this Twitter user, the Project Veritas empire is collapsing and O’Keefe has been fired from his own company.

This is what the man known as “Swig” said:

Thread: Project Veritas coup A whistleblower contacted me about the news that @JamesOKeefeIII
Placed on leave and stripped of all authority at @Project_Veritas
This is hard for me to express, having been a staunch supporter of PV for years and even as a VIP at their events.

But what’s happening with James O’Keefe is an insensitive and hostile takeover of @project_veritas
Its supporters must stand against it. This will not stand.

James is a bit of a victim of poor corporate structure, as PV is 2 separate organizations a 501c3 with very few board members and mostly $$$ and a 501c4 majority, with significantly more board members but less $$$.

According to my sources, this situation allowed 2 of the alleged ringleaders of this effort to significantly influence James over others, even though they were largely disqualified.

Board members and C suite officials involved according to my sources: Board members: Matt Tyrmand – ringleader John Garvey George Skakel Joseph Burton (not congressman) Steve Alembic CFO: Tom O’Hara COO: Barry Hinckley (ringleader pronoun in bio)

Source: “The Board held a six-and-a-half-hour wrangling session against James in which they subjected him to constant ridicule and insults. At the insistence of Tyrmand, O’Hara, and Hinckley;

“About ten employees aired their grievances about James, which basically boiled down to him being a difficult boss to work for. At the end of this six-hour confrontational session, Tyrmand and fellow board member John Garvey placed him on leave and removed him from all authority. .”

“It was literally a Stalinesque kangaroo court trial. The thing that is so profound to me that no one understands: John Garvey and the rest of the board did nothing to stop it. Matt Tyrmand scripted it all. All six hours of sex.”

This comes immediately after @Project_Veritas
Greatest moment ever, exposing the corruption at Pfizer, which my source found to be a very questionable time You boot the founder after your biggest win ever??? PV must explain this situation!!!

My source believes that with enough public support, @JamesOKeefeIII
The 501c4 can get the board’s support back, so please RT and express your support in a positive way. James O’Keefe has done more to expose corporate corruption than almost any journalist in modern history!!!

With @JamesOKeefeIII gone, I will no longer support @Project_Veritas
And instead he will support the initiative he starts. My sources say that with rank and file employees still with James, the board needs to realize that PV probably won’t survive if this goes through!

Here is the actual thread:

Everyone is still waiting to hear from James O’Keefe, and when that happens, we’ll report as soon as possible

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