Ray Epps’ movement went “off-grid” for two hours on January 5th

I love former War Room comrade Rahim Kassam. He’s a very good, in-depth reporter, but he’s also very intelligent. This is a great and very deadly combination. A while back he did a great job on the Ray Epps testimony. He went and read it all, and then broke it down, if you haven’t read it, I recommend it. You can find whole pieces Here. But, one thing that stood out to me, and that I thought was worth talking about, was Ray Epps missing “two hours” in the DC movement on January 5th – the day before the big “uprising”. 🙄

According to testimony, and text message records, Ray fell off the radar for several hours and, of course, the clowns of the J6 committee, didn’t dig at all to see what was going on or who Ray Apes might be seeing.

Yes, great job, guys…

Here’s what Rahim Kassam said in his tweet: There is a strange two-hour gap in Epps’ movement that the committee never digs into, on the night of January 5. He lost his son, and it took hours to walk 10 minutes back to his hotel.

And here’s a more detailed look from Rahim’s substack:

On page 33, we learn that Epps’ son Jim texted his father, asking if he was still out at the BLM plaza.

Q: “Looks like you had a long time — or 140 seconds, so what’s that? It’s not even 3 minutes — a conversation with your son after midnight. Is it possible that you were still separated, or were you back in the hotel room?

Epps: “Yes, it’s possible. I had to walk back.”
Well, he has to go back. Was there about a two-hour difference between when Epps’ son texted her and when she arrived at the hotel? Actually it doesn’t. Something else strange happens at this point in the conversation: the questioner asks for a break, and when they return, the app has additional suggestions.

We know that Epps said he was at the “Washington Marriott.” Well, there are actually a few Marriotts in DC, but not many “Washington Marriotts”. There are Marriott’s Courtyards, Marriott’s AC Hotels etc. But so far at the hotel name “Marriott” – consists of three major entities: Washington Marriott, Washington Marriott Georgetown and JW Marriott, as indicated below. There’s also the new Marriott Marquis attached to the DC Convention Center, where you can see ‘unconventional dining’ on the map:

It takes 10 minutes to walk from BLM Plaza to the Washington Marriott. It takes 12 minutes to walk from BLM Plaza to JW Marriott. 8 minutes walk between JW Marriott and Washington Marriott. So if not Epps really The idea of ​​turning around and walking 10 blocks the wrong way to the Georgetown Marriott or 20 minutes – several times – to the Marriott Marquis trying to find his hotel for what accounted for two hours, makes little sense. He might be rambling, but remember, this is an old dude from a weird town, messing with randos in the BLM plaza in the middle of the night.

His son even texted him at 10:30 p.m., asking where he was, but on page 38 we learn that Epps was still calling his son and his brother “Scott or Darrell” at 12:17 a.m. and 12:19 a.m. (he can strangely ‘ t remember) respectively. This period, largely unaccounted for, was never further investigated by the committee. But 6 hours or so later, the trio – Epps, his son and his son’s friend Jack – were ready to rally on the Ellipse outside the White House.

Interesting, isn’t it?

Who can confirm what Ray was doing these two hours, and where he was?

All of these questions should be answered now that the GOP is in charge of the House… so will that happen, or is this coverup not worth touching too seriously?

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