Roger Waters addresses the UN Security Council

It’s been an exciting week for Roger Waters. On February 7, he received a report card from Polly Samson, formerly of the band Pink Floyd (long since disbanded) and wife of the group’s former guitarist David Gilmour. She and her husband gave Waters an interview after the reading Berliner ZeitungIn which he accused Israel of “genocide”. He had this to say in a tweet: “Sadly Roger Waters, you are anti-Semitic to your rotten core. Also a Putin apologist and a liar, thief, hypocrite, tax-avoidant, lip-syncing, misogynistic, sick-violence-hater, megalomaniac. . Enough of your nonsense.”

And the next day, at the invitation of the Russian delegation to the UN, Waters – via Zoom – addressed the UN Security Council. Here’s the story: “‘Anti-Semitic’ Rock Musician Roger Waters Addresses UN Invitation to Russian Regime” by Ben Cohen, Algemeiner, Feb. 8, 2023:

Former Pink Floyd frontman Roger Waters addressed a session of the UN Security Council at the invitation of the Russian mission to the international body, a day after he was denounced on Twitter as a “Zionist to your rotten core”.

Claiming to speak for the world’s “voiceless majority”, Waters – a vocal supporter of the “Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions” (BDS) campaign targeting Israel – delivered a stunning speech that condemned the international arms industry along with homelessness and poverty. Wealthy and developing countries alike, he cites the advice he received from his mother while growing up.

How nice that Roger Waters denounces “poverty” and “homelessness”. It would be even better if he was able to give more than a small amount to charity, as Waters’ net worth is $310 million. His former bandmate Gilmour gave several million dollars. Why, Roger Waters, do not follow his lead?

The singer’s appearance was first announced on Twitter Tuesday night by Dmitry Polyansky, Russia’s deputy permanent representative to the United Nations, who posted, “Tomorrow’s UN Security Council briefing on the possibility of a peaceful solution around Ukraine in the context of increased Western arms supplies.” In this country we are invited as a briefly famous British musician and rock-musician (sic) Roger Waters.”

Who better to discuss the complexities of geopolitics than the world’s greatest authority, Roger Waters? And who knows more about the Ukraine war than Roger Waters, one of the few people who understands that, despite superficial appearances, Ukraine is the aggressor in this war, that Russia has committed more sins than sins, only wanting to keep NATO at bay. His door? Is it really so hard to understand? And the Western countries are making trouble as always by sending weapons to the troublemakers in Kiev. As for that Mossad puppet and warmonger Volodymyr Zelensky, he may have fooled the world, but he didn’t fool Roger Waters.

Waters has been heavily criticized for supporting Russian President Vladimir Putin, opining in a CNN interview last summer that the Moscow regime was fueled by Western support for Ukraine’s democratically elected government, and accusing US President Joe Biden of a “huge crime”. Set fire to Ukraine.

In his speech to the UN Security Council on Wednesday, Waters reiterated his belief that Ukraine is partly responsible for Russia’s aggression, arguing that while Russia’s actions were “illegal,” they were instigated by the Kyiv government. “I condemn the provocateurs in the strongest terms possible,” Waters declared. “There, that’s out of the way.”

Yes, Ukraine “provoked” Russia. How this happened, Roger Waters does not explain. Nor does he bother to explain why Russia annexed Crimea in 2014 – was it also “provoked” by Ukraine?

Although Waters did not call for a boycott of Israel during his speech, he emphasized that “universal human rights” belong to Palestinians as much as to Ukrainians. He called for an “immediate ceasefire” in Ukraine, insisting that the “voiceless majority” around the world supported the position and that such a development would be welcomed “with John Lennon pumping the first air from the grave”. Highlighting the possibility that the UN Security Council is a “toothless chamber” and not a center of power, he said it would mean “I can open my big mouth for the voiceless majority and not bite my head off.” How cool is that?”

Waters’ appearance at the United Nations drew sarcastic condemnation from representatives of Western countries, with one UN diplomat speaking on condition of anonymity, telling Reuters news agency, “Russian diplomacy was serious. What next? Mr. Bean?”

The 15-member Security Council has met dozens of times since Russia invaded neighboring Ukraine in February 2022. But Russia is unable to take any action as it has a veto power alongside the US, China, Britain and France.

Roger Waters has great admiration for Vladimir Putin, the model for a KGB apparatchik. He expressed his gratitude for years of rule in Syria by his country’s genocidal father, Bashar al-Assad. He captured Venezuelan dictator Nicolas Maduro, who sent millions of disaffected Venezuelans into exile. He even received a touching gift from Maduro – a musical instrument known as a cuatro, signed by the dictator himself. He unsurprisingly sided with the biggest dictatorship of them all, Communist China, roundly declaring that “Taiwan is part of China.”

Roger Waters exaggerated his own significance. He announced this in an interview last October The Rolling Stones That he is on “Ukraine’s kill list”. Kiev, he passionately believes, wants to silence him permanently because he dares to tell the truth about Ukraine provoking Russia. He apparently thinks the Ukrainians are paying attention to his steam. They don’t. They find him – as does everyone with sense – a figure of fun.

What else did Polly Samson say about Roger Waters?

Yes, in addition to being a “liar, thief, hypocrite, tax-evader, lip-syncing, anti-violence sufferer,” let’s not forget, the 79-year-old had a last name with Polly Samson. Surprise, as true as all the others: “megalomaniac.”