Stephanopoulos’ ABC producer choked to death right after he and his wife

This story is very strange. An ABC producer for Clinton flunky George Stephanopoulos has died, after he choked to death during his “date night” festivities with his wife. The two went to a NYC restaurant, leaving their two children alone in the hotel room. Apparently, the husband was so drunk that he choked to death while eating, and the wife was arrested soon after, for child endangerment.

The New York Post reported that an ABC News producer who died after leaving his children at a hotel so he and his wife could go to a posh Midtown restaurant was because he was drunk, officials revealed Wednesday.

The New York City Office of the Chief Medical Examiner confirmed to The Post that Dax Tejera’s official cause of death was “acute alcohol intoxication complications due to airway obstruction by food balls.”

Tejera, who was executive producer of ABC’s “This Week with George Stephanopoulos,” died suddenly on Dec. 23, 37.

His wife, Veronica, was arrested hours after he broke down to leave the couple’s young children alone in a Yale Club hotel room that evening. The widow and mother of two was charged with child endangerment but insisted she was watching her children.

Pushing back on the allegations, the mother said she brought her husband to the hospital and asked her parents and a close friend to watch their 5-month-old and 2-year-old while being monitored by camera.

“The hotel would not allow my friend to enter and called the NYPD instead,” he said in a statement after his arrest.

But sources told The Post that the couple went to Bobby Van’s 230 Park to go to dinner with friends at their children’s home.

An employee there said Dax seemed ill shortly after the meal, prompting a server to check on him.

“So, before anyone ate, right after the server brought the order, he asked, ‘Are you okay, sir?'” the worker told The Post.

The alcoholic producer then “got up and started walking as if he was going to the men’s room, but he instead turned right and went out the front door and the server followed him out.”

“The server said he collapsed on the corner right outside the restaurant,” the employee said. “It was terrible and a terrible shame that they left little children alone like that.”

Tejera joined ABC News as a senior producer in 2017 and moved to Stephanopoulos’s show in February 2020.

Those poor kids. What is the problem of the people? No date night is worth all this nightmare hell.

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