The FBI claims the driver who killed the Michigan State student fled to Thailand

Authorities believe a Michigan woman went to Thailand to escape the backlash in the New Year’s Day hit-and-run killing of a college student in suburban Detroit. Tubtim “Sue” Howson, 57, was charged with a federal crime on Monday, Jan. 3, for his impromptu one-way trip to Bangkok.

On Jan. 1, Benjamin Cable, 22, was struck while walking on an Oakland County road before dawn. The Michigan State University student, who was visiting his family on vacation, died there. On February 2, a state charge was filed for failure to stop for a serious accident.

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FBI Agent Matthew Schaaf said in court documents that Howson, a Thai-American, “Allegedly told a close friend after the accident that he feared he had killed someone and was returning to Thailand.”

Howson allegedly resisted prompting to surrender himself to police, saying “no police, no police,” according to Schaaf. There is an extradition treaty between Thailand and the United States.

“I am calling on the Thai government to extradite him so we can hold him accountable for his actions surrounding this young man’s untimely death,” said Oakland County Sheriff Mike Bouchard.

According to the victim’s father, Michael Cable, he hopes Howson “does the right thing” and returns to the United States.

Accidents happen, but individuals need to accept responsibility for their actions, he said. “Our family situation has deteriorated significantly as a result, so I want him to make the right decision and come back. Losing a child is tragic in and of itself, but to lose a child like this and then learn that no one else had the compassion to call an ambulance or offer help, and it really makes you question human nature. How anyone could be like that amazes me.”

The family is struggling to cope with the death, according to Michael Cable, who spoke to The Detroit News.

Cable commented, “I mean, it keeps the wound open. “In my opinion, the loss of a child or a sibling is something you never recover from. I believe that with time and experience, you become a little more adept at coping, but as you add it up, it becomes more challenging. up. There is undoubtedly some resentment.”

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