The Invisible Jews of Europe

Over the past few decades, European countries have allowed millions of Muslims into their midst. There are now 44 million Muslims on the continent, about 6% of the population. Muslims have a much higher fertility rate than native Europeans and as Muslim economic migrants flow into Europe, the Muslim percentage of Europe’s population will increase indefinitely. By 2050, Muslims could make up 20% of Europe’s population. And by 2050, several studies show, there will be very few Jews left in Europe. More on this disturbing development can be found here: “Leon de Winter: ‘The last Jews will leave Europe in 2048,'” by Giulio Meotti, Israel National News, February 3, 2023:

Dutch author and journalist Leon de Winter now predicts that “the last Jews will leave Europe in 2048.”

“It is finished,” the late Hebrew u. Antisemitism expert Robert Wistrich said. “It’s a slow death.” It is actually fast paced.

With the number of Jews dropping from 3,000 to 600 in just a few years, the Swedish city of Malmö is a barometer of the slow death of European Jewry after the Holocaust,” wrote the late great Holocaust historian Robert Wistrich.

Muslims make up about 30% of Malmö’s population, making it the city with the highest percentage of Muslims in all of Europe. And while Malmö was once a Jewish center, Jews fled the city precisely because of the physical danger posed by Muslims.

He continued: “It’s not like former European Commissioner Fritz Bolkestein advised Holland’s Jewish community to emigrate to avoid harassment by young Muslim fanatics. The prospects for Belgium and Norway are not good. Judgment is on the wall, anyone who has eyes to see. The appeasement rewards of Europe’s pathetic and cowardly Islamism, however, will be short-lived. Because stooping and willful blindness come at a high price in the long run. The Muslims will finally take their revenge on the European society that the most fanatical among them already hate.”

The Jewish population in Europe has declined by 60 percent in the past 50 years and a similar decline is expected in the next 30 years, explained Eldad Beck in a dramatic article in Israel Hayom, Israel’s largest newspaper, while the Israeli government revealed that 52,000 European Holocaust survivors had moved to Israel in the past thirty years. gone

Wistrich, who heads the International Center for the Study of Anti-Semitism at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, said European Jews still have 10 to 20 years to live. “It’s over,” Wistrich said. “It’s a slow death.”

In France there are cities like Grenoble, where half the Jewish community fled, while Nice, home to the fourth largest Jewish community, saw its Jews drop from 20,000 to 5,000. In Lyon, the chief rabbi recently said, “The only Jews who remain are those who are too old or too poor to emigrate.” In Toulouse, a large part of the Jewish community arrived after the Islamic ethno-religious extermination of North Africa in the 1960s and 1970s. Those who fled followed them to the Midi-Pyrenees and now it is time to leave again, as elsewhere in Europe. Hundreds of Jewish families left Toulouse, and the president of the Jewish community, Ari Bensemhoun, advised young people to leave the city. There were 20,000 Jews in Toulouse. 10,000 left today…

I don’t want to live in a country whose chancellor brings millions of anti-Semitic Muslims who attack Jews and Jewish institutions in Germany,” wrote Semyon Gorelik, chairman of the Jewish community in the German state of Brandenburg. “You can’t live in a country where you can’t wear a kippah on the street.”.Most Jews in Germany today are Ukrainians, Russians or Israelis looking for work And the Jews are hiding in Bonn, Potsdam, Bochum and the rest of the country.

Angela Merkel took the fateful decision to allow one million Muslims into Germany in 2015, without considering the consequences., he knew nothing about Islam, about the hatred it evoked towards unbelievers. He was thrilled with the idea that “diversity” was a good thing. Although Muslim economic migrants – posing as asylum seekers – have been reduced since 2015, hundreds of thousands of Muslims, legal and illegal, still enter Germany each year. And the government still does not take the necessary measures, as Denmark has done, immediately deporting illegal immigrants and requiring legal immigrants to work instead of accepting the cornucopia of benefits that the liberal German welfare state provides.

Norway risks becoming a country without a Jewish population,” says an editorial in Aftenposten. According to the newspaper, 20 percent of the two largest communities (Oslo and Trondheim) left. “Norway may be the first country in Europe to become Judenfrei,” writes journalist Julie Bindel. The synagogues in Oslo and Trondheim are the most protected buildings in all of Norway.

Synagogues in Oslo and Trondheim are now the most protected buildings in Norway, a clear sign of the physical danger Muslims pose to Jews. Having to live their lives in constant fear of attack – synagogues may be protected, but Jews also have to live their normal lives – certainly explains why 20% of Oslo and Trondheim’s Jews have already left the country in recent years.

Denmark’s Jewish community has lost 25 percent of its members in the past 15 years, chairman Finn Schwarz told the Jyllands-Posten newspaper.

Joël Rubinfeld, president of the Ligue Belz contre Antisemites, told Paris Match that “in twenty years, Belgium has a good chance of ending up with the Judenrein”….

Former Soviet defector Natan Sharansky said: “We are witnessing the beginning of the end of Jewish history in Europe.”

In “Deposit” by Michel Houellebecq, we meet the character Mariam, a university student. As an Islamist political party comes to power in France, a distraught Mariam says her parents are selling their house in Paris and moving to Tel Aviv. “They think something bad is coming.” Miriam is going with them on summer vacation but she will be back. “I don’t speak Hebrew,” she says. “France is my home.” But he won’t come back.

This is because of the fear and despair that many Jews now feel because of the inexplicably growing population of Muslims, who bring with them to Europe, unannounced in their emotional baggage, a terrible form of anti-Semitism.

European multiculturalists who don’t care what happens to Jews in an Islamized Europe will soon discover that it affects them too. How about Europe? “The Jews will go and the Muslims will come,” the Dutch novelist Leon de Winter told me. “When Israel celebrates its centenary in 2048, the last Jews will leave Europe. Everyone will be free to judge whether it has caused harm or gain.”

Demographic information is clear. There are now 44 million Muslims in Europe. Through both continued immigration and extremely high fertility rates, there will be more than 100 million Muslims by 2050. Meanwhile, the fertility rate of indigenous populations everywhere in Europe is below replacement level, which means there are fewer non-Muslims in Europe each year. Non-Jewish Europeans are on the same trajectory as the continent’s missing Jews, only at a much slower pace.

Millions of Muslims in Europe today have the following implications:

They are responsible for draining the national welfare system of the money it needs to meet the needs of the indigenous poor. Muslim economic migrants – who claim to be asylum seekers – manage to take advantage of all the possible benefits that Europe’s generous welfare states offer: free or heavily subsidized housing, free medical care, free education, family allowances that increase with each additional child (and Muslims have very large families), unemployment benefits even for those who did not work in Europe and so on. The huge amount of money spent on Muslim economic migrants has put enormous pressure on Europe’s welfare systems. If the welfare budget is not increased, the desi poor will suffer. If instead the government allocates more money to welfare spending, taxpayers will suffer.

They – Muslim immigrants – are responsible for the rise in crime rates across Europe. Not satisfied with what they get from the state, many young Muslim men choose to “make ends meet” by committing property crimes – shoplifting, vandalism, street robbery, house burglary, car theft. Young Muslim men have entered the drug trade and in some countries have taken over the drug trade from traditional gangs. In France, for example, Muslim drug traffickers have largely driven out Corsican gangs. Muslims are also responsible for a much larger percentage of violent crimes – rape, assault, murder – than their numbers. In the UK, Muslims make up 4% of the population but 20% of the prison population. 8% of the Muslim population in France, but 70% of the prison population. In Germany, Muslims make up 7% of the population, but 23% of the prison population.

They — Muslim immigrants — have committed crimes of violence against Jews, including terrorist attacks, from throwing grenades at the Great Synagogue in Rome to attacking a kosher supermarket in Paris, killing a rabbi and three young children. Just outside a Jewish school in Toulouse. Synagogues and Jewish schools across Europe have had to hire guards to supplement whatever security the state provides. In some cases the entire cost of such security is borne by the Jewish community. Jews report high levels of fear and are unable to wear kippahs or necklaces with Stars of David when out in public.

They – the Muslim immigrants – forced European women to change their routine, so that they could no longer go out alone in the evening. Muslims are afraid of attack.

They have turned hundreds of neighborhoods in cities across Europe into no-go areas, where non-Muslims are afraid to enter, and so police and firemen, firemen need a police escort, and the police only enter these no-go areas in sufficient numbers to repel attackers. .

They brought to Europe preachers of hatred, who raged against the infidels in whose country they now lived and whose greatness kept them afloat. These preachers, like Anjem Chowdhury in the UK, tell Muslims that they have the right to help themselves to the property of infidels; They should consider that property as a kind of proleptic jizya. Behind bars, Muslim prisoners converted naïve infidels to Islam; Some of those who converted, the true zealots, went on to fight and die for ISIS.

They threaten the safety of those who dare to criticize or ridicule any aspect of Islam. Sometimes they kill those seen as “enemies of Islam”. Pim Fortuyn was killed by activist Volkert van der Graaf, an activist for environmental and animal rights, who said he killed Fortuyn to prevent him from exploiting Muslims as “scapegoats” and targeting “weaker members of society” in search of political power. . Van der Graaf was encouraged by Muslim manipulators to break free from Fortuyn.. Theo Van Gogh was stabbed to death by a Moroccan for his role in creating “Submission”, which criticized the treatment of women in Islam. 12 Charlie Hebdo cartoonists were killed for publishing “blasphemous” cartoons of Muhammad. French lycée teacher Samuel Patty was beheaded with a cleaver by a Muslim who overheard Patty showing a cartoon of Muhammad as part of his class on the right of expression. Across Europe, millions are afraid to publicly say or write anything critical of Islam; A handful of brave souls – Dutch politician Geert Wilders stands out – refuse to be intimidated

And the ultimate effect of Muslim aggression in Europe—because isn’t it aggression? — It was the fear that arose among the Jews of Europe, that led to the steady march we now see. What would Europeans do without the fruitful cultural presence of Jews, their contributions to literature, art and music, philosophy, history and political science, medicine and law? For their absence will be compensated by the presence of Muslims, whose cultural contribution is so small as to be scarcely understood. By the middle of the century, those whom Oriana Fallacci in her rage called “sons of God” would roam the continent of Europe as if they owned it; Some even speak of a near future when “Europe will be ours.”