The jihadi terrorist who killed eight people in NYC found a way to blame Trump

New to PJ Media:

After he was admitted to the United States on a diversity visa, jihadist Saifullo Saipov drove a truck along a bike path on Halloween night in October 2017, killing eight people in New York City. In January, Saipov’s attorney David Patton insisted that Saipov, who has declared that he was inspired by the Islamic State (ISIS), was unrepentant: “Today we sit here, he still believes that, he still believes that the ISIS message. And he still believes that what he did was God’s will.” However, Saipov is in no hurry to go to heaven and cave in with his 72 virgins. His lawyers are trying not to sentence this jihadist murderer to death, and the left to make their case. Pushing all the buttons. The government just wants the death penalty, they claim, because of (yes, you guessed it) “racism.” Oh, and Donald Trump.

ABC News reported Thursday that Saipov’s lawyers oppose the death penalty because of “potential racial or religious discrimination.” Yes, sure, that’s it. Prosecutors didn’t exactly embrace Saipov not because of his cold-blooded murder for God’s sake of eight unsuspecting people who were going about their daily business while Saipov plowed into them, but because he was “brown.” This line of reasoning couldn’t possibly be more absurd, but the world is so crazy these days, it might work.

Saipov’s defense team “questioned why the government is pursuing the death penalty when the Biden administration has imposed a moratorium on federal executions and refused to authorize the death penalty in deadly attacks, most notably the El Paso, Texas, Walmart hate crime that killed 23 people in 2019.” Patton said that “in light of the recent decision to accept Patrick Crucias’ guilty plea to life in prison despite the remorseless and premeditated murder of 23 Latinos at a Walmart in El Paso, Texas — Crucias is a white, U.S. citizen — the court should have had significant concern that the death penalty in this case A driving force behind the notice is Mr. Saipov’s religion and national origin, a violation of the Fifth and Eighth Amendments.” Of course! What could it be other than racism?

Like Krusius, Saipov “is willing to plead guilty, waive all appeals and agree to a life sentence under strict conditions that will exclude his contact with third parties for the foreseeable future.” Such a deal. And the defense made it even sweeter by pinning the blame on the focus of all evil in the modern world, one Donald J. Trump: “The defense pointed to then-President Donald Trump’s public calls for and use of Saipov’s execution. Rail truck attack against so-called ‘chain migration’ and diversity visa lottery system.”

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