The Koch brothers have decided to move away from Trump in the 2024 GOP presidential race

A political advocacy group backed by billionaire businessman Charles Koch is preparing to participate in the 2024 presidential primary process, according to a letter posted Sunday. The party claims it wants to back a candidate who can “take the country forward.”

Americans for Prosperity (AFP), an organization that has never endorsed a presidential candidate, said in the memo that having a president in 2025 that “represents a new chapter” would be beneficial for the nation.

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The email, written by AFP chief executive Emily Seidel and distributed to staff and workers, called on them to “create a new chapter” and “turn the page of the past”. It did not specifically mention current President Joe Biden or his predecessor Donald Trump.

“This is the brutal truth as I see it,” the message said. “The Republican Party is nominating poor candidates who support policies at odds with basic American values. The American people are rejecting them.

This is becoming more and more a political opportunity for the Democratic Party. And in response, they are implementing more stringent policies. This suggests that both sides are aggravating each other’s bad behavior, sending the nation into a downward spiral.

According to groups advocating for lower taxes, less regulation and freer trade, no one is better positioned to engage and organize people across the state. The party reiterated its presence in key states.

Former President Trump is the only Republican candidate to officially announce, while former South Carolina GOP Gov. Nikki Haley is expected to launch her nomination campaign this month.


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