The NFL Hall of Famer has filed a multi-million dollar defamation suit, against one

Former NFL quarterback Brett Favre filed a lawsuit Thursday in Mississippi, accusing the state auditor and two prominent athletes of defaming him in discussions about the misuse of welfare funds intended to help one of the nation’s most vulnerable citizens, according to the AP. The poorest state.

According to the lawsuit filed against auditor Shad White, he “led a malicious media campaign of malicious and false accusations against Hall of Fame quarterback and Mississippi native Brett Favre – furthering his own political career in a blatant attempt to garner media attention generated by Favre’s celebrity.” to take away.”

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On the Fox sports talk show Skip & Shannon, Sharp made “seriously untrue” allegations about Favre. Undoubtedly, Favre “stole money from those who actually needed it”, among other things.

Additionally, Favre claims in a separate lawsuit he filed against retired NFL player Pat McAfee that McAfee made “offensive lies” about him, including calling him a “thief” and “taking from underprivileged people in Mississippi.”

In the lawsuit he filed against the auditor on Thursday, Favre claims White “brazenly and falsely attacked Favre’s good name” to draw attention to himself. White is accused of doing this through interviews with CNN and HBO television programs, a well-known ESPN podcast, as well as print and online media. If White hadn’t criticized Favre, none of these major media sites would have paid him the slightest attention.”

“Everything Auditor White has said about this issue is true and is supported by years of audit work by experts in the Office of the State Auditor,” said Fletcher Freeman, a spokesman for White.

It’s bizarre that Mr. Favre would want to hold a trial to address this issue.” Freeman added that even after the auditor’s office recovered some of the money from him, Favre called White and the auditor’s staff liars. He emphasized that despite the abundant documentation, the auditors Lying that he benefited from misspent money, according to Freeman. “He would be better off paying back the full amount of cash assistance owed to the state than involving New York litigants to try this case.

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