Things aren’t “adding up” to Joe’s spy balloon story…that’s probably what it is

Does anyone believe that Joe Biden is out at this point? Honestly, the guy is stupid. Sometimes it is a miracle that he knows who he is and where he is. And the Chinese spy balloon is no different. I bet Joe didn’t know there was a balloon flying around. Or if he knows, he has forgotten. And he’s already busy trying to cover up this latest scandal, by telling some BS story about how he “ordered” the Pentagon to take care of it, but they didn’t listen or something like that.

Well, who believes this nonsense?

The answer is no, it’s ridiculous.

PJ Media said:

Did Biden really allow the balloon to shoot up on Wednesday? I have doubts. The Biden administration has long pointed to the size of the balloon’s payload and the potential debris field it could shoot down over land. But, when Pentagon spokesman Air Force Brigadier Md. Gen. Patrick Ryder was asked Friday if there were plans to shoot it down once it was back above water, and he didn’t deny it, but it seemed certain no decision had been made at that time.

“And once it’s over the water, are you going to shoot it down?” asked a reporter.

“Again, right now, we’re monitoring the situation closely, reviewing options,” Ryder replied. “But beyond that, I won’t have any additional information.”

The other problem with this story is that we know the Pentagon had been monitoring the balloon since it left China, and had a prior opportunity to shoot it down while it was over US territorial waters as it passed the Aleutian Islands. The Biden administration certainly knew what it was and where it could go, and didn’t take the opportunity to shoot it safely over the water.

So when did Biden authorize the launch of the spy balloon?
The most likely scenario is that the decision to fire the balloon after it returned over water was made on Friday morning, shortly before Foreign Secretary Anthony Blinken’s visit to Beijing was called off.

It’s highly unlikely that the Biden administration planned to send Blinken to Beijing when they planned to shoot the balloon. Considering the administration had known about the balloons for a long time, Blinken’s sudden change in plan is the clearest signal yet that the administration has changed how it handles the situation.

So Biden’s story doesn’t add up, yet he will forever claim that he allowed the spy balloon to be shot down on Wednesday. But the information says approval after two days. Naturally, to help spin the situation as a positive for Biden, Democrats are now “celebrating” the balloon’s destruction as if Biden’s actions were heroic and decisive when we know they weren’t.

I think now, more than ever, it’s painfully clear that Biden isn’t running anything. He really is an idiot, a stupid idiot and the American people are being duped.

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