[VIDEO] Biden loses again, starts yelling and talking aggressively

I’m not a doctor, but, I’ve cared for close family members with Alzheimer’s and dementia, and if you ask me, that’s exactly what’s wrong with Joe Biden. He has all the major symptoms, and the number one symptom he exhibits is uncontrollable angry outbursts. This is happening more often with Zoe these days, which tells me that she is getting more and more confused and unable to control herself.

Primary Care:

Confusion or misunderstanding can also lead to anger and aggression. According to Visiting Angels, “One of the leading causes of anger and aggression in Alzheimer’s and dementia sufferers is confusion. Confusion can be caused by a lost train of thought, mixed memories, or a sudden change in environment, such as a change from one caregiver to another.”

It is also important to specifically mention communication. As a caregiver, you interact and communicate directly with the patient, so it is crucial that you express your instructions in a simple, concise manner.

Additionally, it is important that you as a caregiver try to communicate with as little irritation and stress as possible. We understand that caregiving is a difficult job, but for the benefit of you and your loved ones, it is crucial to ensure that you are communicating properly with someone who has dementia.

The most common reason people with dementia feel angry is because they are sad or scared. As dementia worsens, people lose the ability to put experiences in context. Some people, even those without a history of anger, may become so frustrated and frightened by these distractions that they become angry.

Loud noises, overly active environments, physical clutter, large crowds, or being surrounded by strangers are common causes of patients feeling overwhelmed. In this case, environmental and psychological factors go together.

Ultimately, emotional triggers and environmental factors play key roles in causing anger and aggression. Consider your loved one’s environment and how much interaction and stimulation they receive. Don’t forget to fill their emotions to avoid exploding.

And what happened at SOTU. A very confused Joe Biden starts yelling and screaming again…and he’s so confused, you can’t even understand what he’s saying.


Here’s what people online had to say:

“How is it possible that this guy is the leader of the “free’ world? How???”

“A lot of greedy people couldn’t make money so they stole the election and planned this vegetable in the White House.”

“Then again, her handlers probably told her to sound “emotional” and she was so confused and confused, it was the best she could do.”

“What did he say and why doesn’t the media claim that he wants to clarify himself? If it was Trump, they sure as hell would be”

This is what it seems, right?


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