[VIDEO] Kirk Cameron and country star Kofi Anderson host Big Wholesome “Story

The best way to combat the despicable distortions of the left, and their attacks on our children, is to offer a healthy, God-loving, patriotic alternative. Because when we do, we give our people a voice. And not only that, but we also see the sharp contrast between a man dressed as a female “stripper” walking in front of small children in a library versus children praying and singing the national anthem with patriots. For me, it was a no-brainer that I would take my daughter.

And thanks to Kirk Cameron, that choice is now available to decent, loving parents across the country. And at Kirk’s recent Savannah, GA “Story Hour” he was joined by country star Kofi Andersen, who sang that amazing song “Mr. Red, White and Blue.”


The Washington Times reports that another enthusiastic crowd packed a public library to watch Kirk Cameron read his Christian-themed children’s book, only this time he wasn’t the only draw.

The Christian actor and author was joined Thursday by country singer Kofi Anderson, who led hundreds of children and parents in singing “The Star-Spangled Banner” at the Live Oak Public Library in Savannah, Georgia, the latest stop in Mr. Cameron’s opposition. “Wick” book tour.

“Kofi heard the story, and when he heard we were starting a tour to join others, he said, ‘I’m in,'” Mr. Cameron told The Washington Times. “He wanted to be a part of it.”

Mr. Anderson “America the Beautiful” and his hit song “Mr. Red, White and Blue,” while Mr. Cameron read his book “As You Grow,” at story hour to accommodate the larger audience, which Brave Books estimates is more than 500 people.

The event marks the next step in the progression of the Brave Books Library Road Trip. Instead of reading his book alone, Mr Cameron is reaching out to like-minded entertainers, sportsmen and political figures to stand with him in public libraries across the country.


God bless Kirk Cameron for doing this. He is making a huge difference. This is how we take our country back.

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