[VIDEO] Shirts and wigs start flying as the mother/daughter duo brawl at the airport

People are going crazy out there, people. Joe Biden’s America is indeed a sad, unhappy and violent place. People are stuck for money, and God is being sucked out of our nation, and replaced with Satanism and gender-confused mental illness and perversion. It’s horrible, so you almost expect people to lash out and go crazy… This horrible environment that’s been cultivated by this shaggy old buffoon and his godless, commie administration.

Now, with that being said, just because America is in danger and suffering from satanic attacks, that doesn’t mean it’s not okay to act like a violent idiot in public or make a fuss over baggage fees. But that’s exactly what happened at a Spirit Airlines terminal in Democrat-run Philadelphia — a city supposedly known for “brotherly love.”

Well, things are not so “lovely” anymore….

Wigs and shirts were flying, as the mother/daughter duo got into a violent spat with airport staff over excess baggage fees.

good lord…

The Daily Mail reports that Spirit Airlines agents scuffled with unruly passengers as they boarded a flight, in a wild video obtained exclusively by DailyMail.com.

A fierce fight broke out at Philadelphia International Airport on Monday night when a mother, 39, and her 17-year-old daughter were hit with excess fees because their carry-on luggage was too large.

The shocking footage begins with two passengers being grabbed and clawed by gate agents at the jetway entrance as the Fort Lauderdale-bound flight prepares to take off.

The young woman tugs violently at a spirit staff’s dreadlocks as an airport worker in a high-waisted jacket slaps her on the back of the head and shouts ‘Nam na, naff’.

When the teenager finally let go, the angry agent punched her several times in the face – even as the girl was restrained.

A few feet away her mother has lost her shirt and shoes in the scrap but she is struggling to put on her bra as a stunned passer-by shouts: ‘Where the f*** is the security’.

At one point a small boy, believed to be part of the same family, began hitting a spirit worker before running away in tears and sinking to his knees.

Just as the brawl seems to be brewing Ma pushes up to the counter and grabs a keyboard but is dragged away and punched in the head by one of the spirit agents from behind.

Her wig is ripped off by a uniformed officer, either a policeman or a security guard, who is finally seen and the fight ends, in the nearly two-and-a-half-minute video.

A 24-year-old woman received suction for a cut on her eye but no one was seriously injured, the Philly Police Department said in a statement.

Officers have spoken to all involved but have not made any arrests for the 7:30pm dust-up at Terminal E.

It came as a surprise to an eyewitness to the fight who told DailyMail.com that he was surprised to see such a scene at a busy international airport.

‘I was shocked by how violent it was and how long it went on,’ said the passenger, who requested anonymity.


Well, sadly, it’s time to stop being “surprised” by these things. People are acting up and bashing everywhere these days… and it will continue as long as the godless, chaotic Dems are in charge.

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