Well, we now know why O’Keefe went silent… and it’s not

There is some panic and concern about what is happening at Project Veritas and the attempted coup against James O’Keefe. People were getting really scared and nervous because we hadn’t heard a peep from James O’Keeffe. nothing It was radio silence, and no one could understand what was happening. Many worried that he was not “well” and wanted some sign of life. Well, we didn’t get that. We still haven’t heard directly from James, but we now have a better understanding of what’s going on…

Here’s what Jack Posobiek said in a tweet: “Update: Veritas board action details include that James O’Keefe will be on leave for at least 2 weeks and that he cannot speak publicly about the situation”

And let me tell you, people are mad:

“I had a thought this morning and I don’t know what their contracts look like, so it’s speculation but if putting him on long-term leave essentially serves as a way to stop him from talking. Not letting him go, just locking him down.”

“If James O’Keefe set up a new company tomorrow, everyone would follow.”

“Undercover video dropping in two weeks”

“But that doesn’t mean a lawyer can’t speak for him. Lawyers representing major donors are also free to speak. James will not be kept down. It has been tried before, and failed every time. He is doing the Lord’s work, and it will not be stopped.”

The board did more with this move to permanently damage PV than James could have done. I don’t know anyone who would go back to them now. The mere fact that they are framing it as a punishment rather than a professional separation says that they are manipulative and condescending. I’m done for good. I will follow James elsewhere, but I will never go back.”

“Let’s all chip in so James can buy PV”

“Unfollowed Veritas and won’t support O’Keefe until they return”

“If James goes, we all go!”

“James pulled a Trump and allowed people on Romney’s team”

“They want people to step back and then forget everything, so they can finish their dirty work without so much negative attention.”

“It’s so absurd that he has to listen to a board of people who have done nothing, who can’t hold a candle to what he’s done for this country.”

Great comment from Bannon:

Jack also reports that Steve approached the board of Project Veritas in support of Wynn O’Keefe.

Let this be a lesson to everyone…never let a snake in. They always show their true colors, be aware of “marks” and “red flags” and always remember, leopards never change their spots.


H/T: Citizen Free Press

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