What a slap in the face to every Trump voter

Is Ron DeSantis trying to take over President Trump’s life? Because things are starting to get really weird. DeSantis has started a new “Roundtable” show, and he’s calling it “The Truth.” Um, what the heck? And if that’s not weird enough, his first guest is a “fantastic” (his words, not mine) lawyer who works for Dominion and is actually suing Mike Lindell and other conservatives. Wow, what could be a bigger slap in the face to President Trump and his voters?

I’m sorry, but there is something seriously wrong with this guy…

A lot of people have accused DeSantis of trying to usurp Trump’s entire personality… and I think they’re right.

Before Trump burst onto the scene, DeSantis was a typical “establishment guy” and the 2016 nominee for crying out loud was Marco Rubio. After it became clear that Trump was going to win, DeSantis started reinventing himself… and now, it seems he’s trying to “be” Trump… right on the “reality” show, which is getting into really creepy territory.

Here’s what conservative Alex Bruswicz had to say about it in a tweet:

“WATCH: DeSantis is currently hosting a roundtable with lawyers. A lawyer named Libby Locke represented the Dominion Voting Machine against Lindell, Giuliani and other conservatives. He says Libby is a “First Amendment, defamation law extraordinaire”.


Here’s what people are saying online:

What next, chatting with the “freedom-loving” prosecutors who locked up the J6 political prisoners? And he actually started a “roundtable” called “Truth”. DeSantis is literally trying to take over Trump’s life. This guy is weird.”

“Looks like Desantis is the Dominion’s next pick.”

“Ron is teaming up with Dominion’s attorney for an event” vb

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