What Jill Biden did during SOTU set the internet on fire….and not this

Jill Biden is a very strange “first lady”. He is not likable at all. First, she’s less of a “first lady” and more like a “first nurse.” And that sassy-voiced/clever persona she masks is actually a power-mad woman who would sell her totally demented and aging husband to the highest bidder and watch him make a fool of himself on the world stage, wink. That’s cool. It is social behavior. And apart from that, he also does some really weird things. She dresses like a 70+ year old Madonna/hooker-wannabe, she calls Hispanics “breakfast tacos” and now, she’s practically making out with Kamala’s husband on camera.

Jill Biden shocked America, and possibly the entire world, when she and Kamala’s husband shared a really weird and disgusting kiss on the lips at SOTU.

Newsweek reported that Twitter and TikTok were full of people discussing the clip. On the next platform, some have already edited it into a meme, adding Marvin Gaye’s “Let’s Get It On” soundtrack to the kissing moment. Sharing the clip on Twitter, reporter Cabot Phillips wrote, “Jill Biden and Doug Emhoff greet each other with a … kiss on the lips? Is that normal?”

The video garnered more than 470,000 views as the consensus in the comments section of her post was that it was “not normal”, while others joked.

No, it’s not normal, and everyone knows it.


Of course, the photo makes it look much more passionate than before… but still, just, yuck…and why would you do that?


Here’s what people online are saying:

“Once a home wrecker, always a home wrecker”

“Why are the Bidens so weird?”

“I am happy that people have some entertainment in this circus, otherwise, we would cry or be very angry”

“Husband and I immediately turned to each other and asked “is that okay?” Jump on Twitter to see if anyone else saw it!!”

“This sh*t is not normal.”

“Jill hates oranges, is this a way to annoy her?”

“Why is Alice Cooper kissing Kamala’s husband?”

“Well Kamala slept with a married man so this is Karma”

“He looked at it, which really makes me sick to my stomach.”

There’s something really “off” about that whole Biden clan. They are a really horrible and messed up family.

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