What you need to know about upcoming carbon credits and chilling them” 15

You’ve heard of “carbon credits”, right? Well, you probably haven’t thought much about it, right? You should, because if you think covid “big brother” is watching your every move, it’ll look like a cake walk in comparison… what they’re up to is absolutely mind-blowing, and terrifying, so get ready… but, What do you think of “carbon credits”? CFI explains it this way: Carbon credits, often referred to as carbon allowances, can be thought of as a unit of measurement; However, they have a “tradable” element. Carbon credits are not the same as carbon offsets.

Carbon credits exist only in jurisdictions that operate so-called “cap and trade” systems (such as the California cap-and-trade program, which is overseen by the California Air Resources Board).

Carbon credits are created by governing bodies and allocated to individual companies within that jurisdiction. A single credit represents 1 ton of CO2e (or carbon dioxide equivalent) that the company is allowed to emit.

The number of credits issued to a particular company or organization represents its emissions limit (or “cap” from cap and trade).

If a management team is able to limit the company’s emissions below its cap, the company has a surplus of carbon credits; They may want to retain them for future use (or sale); Alternatively, they can sell them immediately into compliance carbon markets, which are overseen by regulatory agencies.

If a management team cannot keep the company’s emissions within its limits, they are non-compliant and must make up the difference. Excess emitters return to the carbon market to purchase carbon credits from an “under-emitter” within their cap and trade network.

Well, if that still doesn’t make sense, I can help you – basically, carbon values ​​will be listed on everything from vacations to grocery shopping and even date nights… every single solo activity you do has a carbon value attached to it. Have it and you will be given an “allowance” of “carbon credits” and if you exceed the “carbon allowance” you will have to pay back a lot of money to the government.

And it gets worse…


And here’s information about the “15 Minute City,” coming to a city near you…

They are already doing this in many parts of Europe and even in the US… Trust me, you will be hearing a lot more about this down the road.

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