What’s going on? Another giant fire destroys another giant egg

What the heck is going on now? We have been told by “experts” and “fact-checkers” that there is nothing strange about all these fires at meat processing facilities and now egg farms. We’re told there’s a logical explanation for all of this, and if you suggest there’s “something else” going on, you’re a Q-Kook conspiracy theorist. It’s a blanket label that’s slapped on everything that seems “off” these days… but if you’re on the left, you can spread Russia’s deception for 7 years, no blowback.

Adhikari has been asked to calm down and stop spreading “confusion”.

Meanwhile, there is no in-depth investigation from “fact-checkers” quoting a few so-called “experts” here and there, no real research, just generalized statements that can “save” what the majority of people on the right think. Strange. Wow, what a great gig this is…

I mean, seriously, the North Korean government must be looking at this set-up, fascinated, right?

Well, despite what the “fact checkers” say, many, many of you think that nothing really adds up to all these fires. They left and unhealthy looking people are matching this huge push to end Bill Gates eating “meat”, and seem to be moving towards fake meat, horrible chicken-free eggs, and eating bugs and cooking with “cricket powder”. And all that damn stuff.

But again, nothing to see here, folks… just move on…

Sometimes I lay awake at night... — Thenardsaurus: The Naked Gun: From File of File...

Well, if I told you that yet another giant egg farm was on fire… would you find it strange, or would it be completely normal?

Because that’s what happened. Just a week or so after a three-alarm fire at one of the largest egg farms in the United States, another major fire engulfed another large egg farm… this time in New Zealand…

From zerohedge:

According to the company, the fire at the Zigold farm “took the better part of a day to bring under control”, adding that twelve workers at the site were “unharmed but very distressed.”

The spokesperson added that while it was still too early to assess how much the fire would affect the supply chain, “there will definitely be some impact – it can’t happen in the middle of a shortage.”

New Zealand has been plagued by egg shortages since the start of the year, when it stopped battery farming. The ban has been in place since 2012 and over time the number of battery hens has dwindled to just 10% of overall egg production – but their final ban in early January was still enough to jolt the egg supply chain out of supermarkets. Shelves are bare, shopkeepers are policing tray purchases and big breakfast lovers are in disarray.

The shortage has reached the point of controversy: a small-town supermarket banned a cruise ship crew from buying more eggs while they cleared the shelves; Newspapers issued advice columns about egg-free baking and tofu scrambles; And in January, the SPCA issued an advisory not to engage in the purchase of backyard chickens in New Zealand, following concerns that the increase in amateur chicken ownership would result in the animals not being properly cared for. -Parents
“Egg supplies are tight, so it’s not going to help at all,” said Michael Brooks, executive director of the Egg Producers Federation.

The fire broke out nearly a week after Hillandale Farms, America’s top egg supplier, burned down and killed 100,000 chickens.


As a reminder here is the fire that just happened in Connecticut:

Yeah… nothing to see here, guys. Come on, and don’t doubt anything, you Q-cooks!


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