Where is James O’Keefe? No one has heard from him…and many are now asking: “Yes

Trump supporters are starting to get very anxious and worried. Where is James O’Keefe? Last we heard he was ousted from his own company by his founding board of “DeSantis 2024” flunkies, and that was it. We never heard from him. He said absolutely nothing about what was happening. And I get it, if you’re in a coup, you can’t talk about it, especially if you’re exploring legal avenues. That makes perfect sense. But nothing to say, not even a, “Hey guys, here’s the mad, fight, thanks for the support…” type thing? Many Trump supporters are very upset by the lack of communication and theories that James is up to no good are flying all over the place.

There are people out there who are convinced that Big Pharma killed him, and that’s why he didn’t speak out.

Now, I don’t believe that – but I can’t blame anyone for thinking ‘whatever, we live in a really weird and random country.

And of course, they think so because all of this went down, just days after Project Veritas exposed Pfizer in a hidden camera sting that garnered more than 20 million views. It was horrible, and then the coup happened, and now, we haven’t heard from him since the Pfizer piece.

So, what gives?

Well, one thing we do know is that Project Veritas donors are trying to fight for that. They are now taking the evil board. We heard they sent a “cease and desist” letter to PV board members:

Here’s what else “Swig” said:

From my source: “Project Veritas’ big wig donors aren’t taking board action against James O’Keefe.”

“It looks like they hired a big name law firm to send a letter that seems like the board is going against Virginia law and exposing themselves to substantial liability!”

“Why do they not understand? James Project Veritas. Project Veritas Gems. We the people stand with James!”

We also know that Project Veritas is tweeting as usual, and acting as if everything is “business as usual”, which is really weird. And they’re actually reporting video of PV reporters trying to talk to the Pfizer CEO.

Again, weird stuff…

Just 48 hours after this all went down, Project Veritas lost 22k followers.

It should be much more than that. They should have 6 followers left by now.

But the big question remains… Where is James O’Keefe?

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