Worrying new details have emerged on the Veritas “rebellion” project

I can’t tell you how upset I am with what’s happening at Project Veritas. It seems to me that the company is trying to take down one of our most effective tools against the Deep State, right after the Pfizer release. Some people are reported to be at the center of this coup. A man, an institution “DeSantis 2024” man is a key player at the center of it all. His name is Matt Tyrmand and he is a board member of Project Veritas. National File reporter Patrick Hawley says he’s bad news, and has had many run-ins with him throughout his career. Hawley believes Tyerman is one of the current board members leading a coup against James from within.

Tyrmand is another “establishment” DeSantis guy. All of these “DeSantis 2024” supporters have a lot in common: They don’t like Trump. The man sitting next to him is John Cardillo, a Trump supporter until recently. Now he sits online all day bashing Trump and praising DeSantis.


And then there are the second alleged “establishment” coup operators. His name is Barry Hinckley, and according to the story, he and O’Keefe got into a huge fight and James fired him and another man named Tom O’Hara (CFO) for insubordination.

The anonymous reporter shared details of the “Amuse” story:

“Four months ago Project Veritas hired 56-year-old Barry Hinckley as Chief Strategy Officer. Hinckley wrote an email to PV employees claiming he “stood up to a bully” and lost his job as a result.

Barry Hinckley is the heir to the Hinckley Yachts family, an unsuccessful Senate candidate in Rhode Island, and the CEO of a failed company that calls itself the Airbnb of private house parties. Why did he attack? @JamesOKeefeIII In just four months?

Barry Hinckley employs 11 people @project_truth Sign a letter declaring employees @JamesOKeefeIII A “power-drunk tyrant” he presumably sent to PV’s board of directors in an attempt to oust him from the company.

placement decision @JamesOKeefeIII On paid leave appears Daniel Strack, executive director of PV. Strack was unexpectedly ousted from Goldman Sachs as MD after just 3 years.

And the letter, signed by 16 employees who want James O’Keefe ousted, was published.

The Post Millennial reports that the letter lists 16 employees as Michael Villani, Eric Spracklen, Mario Balaban, Jake Mantel, Patrick Van Duyne, Sal Guelli journalists: Arden Young, Preston Scagnelli, Bobby Harr (Lithium), Bethany Rolando, Joan Sumner, Gillian Pietrowski, Jonathan Bailey, Joshua Hughes, Nick Mehaj, and Angelo Martinez state that “James has become a power-drunk tyrant, and he’s exactly the kind of person we’re supposed to expose.”

In other statements, O’Keefe and others apparently have a professional relationship, with O’Keefe calling Spencer Meads a “pussy.”

“James went to Vegas to call Spencer a cunt, and Spencer overheard him say it. These guys were both mission-driven and suffered through it. They were raided and James still called Spencer that name — a decision to leave for their own mental well-being. He never forgave them for taking,” the letter reads.

Issues cited include that “publicizing grievances” led to the termination, which prevented the undersigned from speaking earlier. Lack of transparency in decision-making was a concern, as well as the fact that we found O’Keefe difficult to work with, belligerent and no-nonsense, with “bullying” listed as a concern.

Others took issue with O’Keefe’s foray into musical theatre, saying “the whole theater thing and how it’s handled makes me very uncomfortable. I understand that this is rationalized as “increasing awareness of our brand”, but the priority is on why donors give us money, both in financial terms as well as in personnel and resources, which is conducting undercover investigations that reveal waste, fraud and abuse. Ultimately, we’re in a deficit right now, our fans and potential fans outside don’t respond positively to all of these things because all they want is to accomplish our mission.”

Project Veritas has followers hemming and hawing following the news that its creator and founder may be on ice, with staff and boards trying to carry on without the man who made the company what it is.

The letter refers to Barry Hinckley, who was fired by O’Keefe. A thread has emerged on Twitter about Hinckley, alleging that he was “desperate for fame and fortune” and recruited 11 @Project_Veritas employees to sign a letter declaring @JamesOKeefeIII a ‘power-drunk tyrant’ that he likely PV sent directors to its board in an attempt to oust him from the company.

It seems that James had a lot of uncomfortable “establishment” types in very high places in his company.


Why on earth did a man who was known for blowing the lids of others succumb to this plot?

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